Denton, Jupiter House, Denton Square, DISD

Shay and Rosie Hlavaty

Shay Hlavaty sits outside Jupiter House writing a birthday card for her friend Maddie who rescued her for the second time after Shay’s car broke down last night at 10. Her car also broke down a few weeks ago because of a bad alternator. It’s taking a while to finish the card, but Shay says Maddie deserves a lengthy note and the extra time.

“I’m supposed to be subbing but I can’t so I’m just hanging out,” Shay says.

Shay is unsure if she’ll have to pay for the repairs but hopes it will be covered for faulty parts. If there is more damage than another faulty alternator, she’s worried she can’t afford the costs between her paychecks from regular substitute teaching for Denton ISD and working at the Abby Inn.

However, Shay was just hired to teach English and Language Arts to Gainesville sixth graders this fall and will commute from Denton. She now has an alternative teaching certificate.

Shay, a Lubbock native, likes her hometown and the country life as the daughter of a cotton farmer.

“The positive thing about living in Lubbock is that when you go and visit anywhere else it’s beautiful,” Shay laughs, “The tress and rivers and wildflowers here are amazing to me every day.”

Shay’s love of nature continues with her love of hiking and biking on local trails.

Shay graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in environmental conservation before she moved to Arkansas for environmental education camp. From there, she went to Kansas for graduate school with her boyfriend “for like two months and realized it was not what [she] wanted to do with [her] life.”

She and moved to Denton with her “old lady” Blue Heeler/Catahoula mix, Rosie. When they’re home, Shay likes to craft, “making pillows and whatnot” with supplies from Scrap as Rosie lounges around; but the two love to the attention they get doing their favorite things- hanging on the courthouse lawn and going to Oak Street Drafthouse. They’re working on making friends here, and Shay thinks working at the Abby has helped them make new pals.

“I’ve met random people along the way because I’m pretty outgoing and having nothing to lose,” Shay says, “So not a lot but I’m working on it.”

Shay will stay on the square today, finishing the first Game of Thrones novels before she is supposed to have dinner with a friend, and grab a beer Maddie before giving her the card she just finished.