Scott Thurston

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Scott Thurston

Scott Thurston sits wolfing down a grilled sandwich at Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop on a cold Wednesday in February. He’s never eaten at one of the chain’s restaurants before but seems to be enjoying his sandwich and the break from walking around in the cold.

Thurston, originally from Florida, has lived and worked in Washington D.C. for years and is here on business the next morning. Scott, a freelance corporate trainer, is in Dallas to visit a client. Companies hire him to come and do events to get their employees to work better together.

“When a lot more companies downsize there is always a lot more opportunities to do more with us,” Scott says, “I’ve been here before but I wouldn’t say we have a lot of clients here. Most of our clients are in D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York.”

His first job out of college where he earned a degree in hospitality took him to D.C. where he worked at a Marriott hotel and through the different management positions, until he ended up in the corporate offices as a corporate trainer and found his niche for the training and development of people.

When Marriott downsized, Scott started working on his own and has been doing freelance for nearly ten years.

With anyone who freelances the lack of consistent pay is always a challenge but Scott couldn’t be happier and says the best thing about it is never having to work with the same people every day.

“The days of working for one company for 20 years are gone and people need to embrace change and find a passion,” Scott says between the last mouthfuls of his sandwich, “Once they find a passion they won’t be happier doing anything else in their life- wherever that passion takes them whether it be freelance or working for multiple companies.”

Scott throws away his trash and looks hesitant to leave. Usually the weather is his favorite thing about Dallas.