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Chris Brodner and Amanda Moore

Chris Brodner and Amanda Moore sit in a lawn chairs outside of Third Rail Lofts staring into each other’s eyes like they need to make up for years in the friend zone. They sat for two hours playing games on Amanda’s phone before it died, and have been passing the time since by playing card ride games, waiting to let firefighters and family friends into the building.

“The party’s going on all night. It’s a bunch of firefighters,” Chris says with laugh.

Chris is a chef at Brookdale Senior Living. He enjoys it but he’s holding out for something better when he starts fire school in October. He is wearing his father’s blue Dallas Fire Department shirt. On the back of Amanda’s chair, the word Freeman invites guests to a party for Gary Freeman, a local firefighter retiring after thirty years.

“[Freeman] is a great guy, I mean I’ve been staying at the station since I was six and been going out there every time I can and every time I see him,” Chris says in reverence to the long-time family friend, “every time he’s always just given me advice so he kind of acts as a second dad.”

Amanda is a student at Texas A&M Commerce where she is a psychology major with a criminal justice minor. She loves it and plans to graduate in December with her bachelors of science, hoping to stick around for graduate school. The things her family has overcome are their biggest achievements and what drives her to do become a profiler.

“I have a lot of wonderful things in my life. I’d probably have to say my mom and my brother,” Amanda says as Chris puts his head down. He knows the stories. “We’ve had a really bad family history. A lot of bad things have happened to me, to my brother, and to my mom.”

His parents and Amanda are the best things in Chris’s life. Chris and Amanda have been together for six months now and it’s the happiest times of their lives.

“We were friends for about six years and I finally let him out of the friend zone,” she says, looking up at Chris.

“It was hard work. It was a lot of hard work. I spent a lot of hours on that,” Chris says as they smile and look at each other one last time before heading into the party.