El Centro College

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Tamra Tolson

Tamra Tolson wanted to be a physical therapist but ultimately decided she wanted to study more than that- but mostly just wants to draw blood.

“I think it’s cool because whenever they stick me, I just watch. It don’t hurt at all,” she said.

What first got Tamra interested in nursing was an injury her mom suffered when she was nine.

“I had to help her because she was hurt very badly,” she said. “Plus, my sister is a nurse and I like helping people and if I can help someone it makes me feel good about myself.”

Tamra knows how to do makeup. When she was in seventh and eighth grade, she took theater and loved it. She decided she wanted to further her education in it by going to cosmetology school after graduating from high school this coming June but eventually changed her mind when she heard that she was told that she would not learn how to do it for the movies.

Now, she enrolled to start at El Centro College in the fall to become a nurse. But she hasn’t left her dream to work in makeup and has thought about doing makeup for local plays before.

“If there is one coming up I will probably audition to see if they need any makeup assistants,” she said.

The best thing she said she has done in her life is getting over stage freight. After her years of theater in middle school, she danced her freshman and sophomore years.

“I had to dance in front of the school and their parents and it was a lot of fun,” Tamra got over the stage freight a little bit, but it’s still there.