Edgar Allen Poe

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A short man wearing all black and a white fedora over his red hair, vapes a designer eCig. He walks up to greet Myles Wood the musician. His name is Poe and that’s actually his real name.

“My parents, there’s a lot of poets in my family down the line and they just poet, poem, Poe- which was cool,” Poe said almost inaudibly to a laughing Myles. “Not after Edgar Allen Poe, just that there was poets and stuff in my family down the line for just generation after generation.”

Poe, and avid writer, has been writing since he was 8 but now does spoken word, performing local, paid shows like at Andy’s and Abbey’s. He’s been doing it around here for about a year and a half but personally likes Dallas and “other places like that” a little bit more. It’s what he does for a living and he’s been doing it for more than five years.

At the age of 16, Poe started going to open mic nights and competitions outside of school. When he was almost 18, he was asked to be on a poetry slam team for Dallas.

“I did that for a couple years and that’s what got me in to it. Just so many competitions and shows and loved it,” he said all melancholy with not a twinge of excitement.

Poe will have music behind all his stuff, whether it’s the guitar, piano or violin, or just two other instruments all mashed up together. It keeps the poets and musicians interesting.

“Who wants to hear a bunch of talking?” he said with his first smile.

Poe and Myles chat for a while about a possible collaboration in the future, with a natural lyricist and a natural musician- both lacking a lick of talent for the other as they claim. The two part ways, Myles striking up another upbeat tune, Poe walking off into the sunset.