JFK, Dallas, Downtown Dallas

James and John

A man with sagging jeans and a blue baseball cap walks around the grassy knoll at the triple underpass in downtown Dallas. He walks across Elm St., pausing just for a second on the X that marks the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to look around. He continues crossing the road as cars fly past, only looking up at the Sixth Floor Museum and the other people walking by.

But James is not a tourist.

If you’re a local, you’ll see him wandering blocks from the monument, scouting for people to talk about the assassination, getting them to read his laminated guide sheets and visit the museum. He also listens to all their crazy theories. He’s probably heard a hundred different versions of the JFK assassination.

“I like history so, I listen to the people,” James said. “The strangest one I prolly heard is that the driver turns around and shoots him. That’s the strangest one I’ve ever heard.”

He likes the hobby and has been doing it for six or seven months now, but pays his bills as an “independent contractor- a lot of lawn work and stuff like that.”

Unfortunately though, he hasn’t had the opportunity yet to work on the grassy knoll.


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